My Testicles are Demanding to Know What the Hell Happened.

I never thought I’d say this, but I went over a year (and counting) without an orgasm.  While chastity has been a form of play I’ve been into for years, constantly pushing further with it, I didn’t think it’d ever get to this point.  My first experiences with chastity were only a couple days at a time.  Days turned into weeks, then months, and now over a year.  Some things I’ve learned over this past year:

  • I eventually plateau.  The horniness does build the longer I’m denied, but once it reaches a certain point, it doesn’t go any higher.  That level can also drift back downward, even after being denied for a really long time.
  • There are occasions when it’s much easier than expected.  Some days I don’t even think about the fact that I can’t orgasm.  This is a good thing; otherwise, I’d find it hard to concentrate at work or other important times.  If it got to the point where it was interfering with my life, that’d be a huge issue.
  • How worked up I am is usually directly proportional to the amount of teasing and/or play I’m experiencing.  The teasing doesn’t have to be direct sexual contact; it can be a form of play I enjoy, more of a vanilla sexual flirting, scent, or even verbal taunting.  That level of hornification then stays with me for at least a day or two.  The more intense the teasing, and the longer it lasts, the longer I stay worked up afterward.  Without that, I can go back down to almost normal levels of horny.
  • I have more willpower than I thought.  Then again, maybe it’s just experience.  I’m a sober alcoholic.  After a decade of sobriety, I’m rather well-practiced in restraint.  And not drinking is a hell of a lot more difficult than not orgasming.
  • Motivation is part of the willpower.  I know if I orgasmed without permission, not only would T be disappointed in me, but I’d be disappointed in myself and beat myself up over it for a long time.  Plus, she’s made it clear that there would be very unpleasant consequences if I did orgasm.
  • Knowing my release date or a minimum limit (“You won’t orgasm until at least this date…”) puts my mind into cruise control.  I don’t get as worked up in that case.  I know I won’t be orgasming any time until then, so it’s pointless to even hope for it.  Instead, I just buckle in for the long haul.  My testicles put on little sunglasses and ease back into a recliner.
  • I don’t experience blue balls.  Some report it as pain in the balls after being teased and denied.  That just doesn’t happen with me.  It’s ok though- There’s still ball-kicking for that.
  • Casual play partners taunting me about not being able to orgasm adds another level of sexitude to the experience. It’s  like a group of people ganging up on me, even though they’re not the ones controlling my orgasms.
  • I don’t really look at much porn when I’m in chastity since I know it will only get me even more worked up.  Didn’t take me long to learn that lesson.
  • Likewise with masturbating.  When I’m not in a cock cage, I’m free to masturbate as long as I don’t cum.  But I know that would only drive me even further up the wall, so I don’t do it.  Unless, of course, T makes me edge.

This past year has been a strange ride.  It’s still odd for me to think that I didn’t orgasm in all of 2014.  An entire year.  It’s hot and horrific at the same time.  Like many other things I’ve experienced in BDSM, this isn’t something I ever envisioned myself doing.  I’m very curious to see what other surprises are around the corner.

6 Responses to “My Testicles are Demanding to Know What the Hell Happened.”

  1. Respect Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m curious, did you experience any nocturnal emissions or other involuntary draining of fluid?

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    Not at all. Everyone’s body is different though. Some experience that after a few days or weeks of denial; I don’t have that experience myself.

  3. Sybele Says:

    I’ve found reading this incredibly interesting. As you know, we dabble in chastity and orgasm denial but he has never have made it a whole year.

    A few questions:

    How often did you wear the cock cage?
    –I’ve yet to find a truly good one for my slave hat

    • Sybele Says:

      Shit. Hit post by accident.

      I’ve yet to find a cage for my slave that truly works well for him. He can go a few days at most dependent if he is required to sleep in it. It will fit fine in the day..but then just tear him up at night.

      How has this affected your ability to perform during sex? I’ve noticed that my slave after several weeks of teasing and denial does not quite perform to my liking during penis/vaginal sex. He normally has fantastic stamina but when being denied is so easily aroused and close to orgasm that it makes it difficult for me to enjoy sex when I have to keep stopping for him to pull himself back together.

      • pureliquidkink Says:

        We alternate between the cage and a “no orgasm” rule. Probably 80% of the time I have a free-range dick and the other 20% she locks it up. This makes for easier access for sex and when it comes to playing with other people.

        The cage was made by a local guy (SteelToyMaker) who said it was such a pain to make he won’t be doing that again. It’s metal, which I find so much hotter than the plastic ones. Obviously more durable too. Getting a device to fit is tricky since they aren’t returnable. All I know to do is trial and error. Also, using Neosporin around the ring at the base of the balls helps to keep things lubricated and moving freely in my experience.

        No problems with performance. But then, I find it really difficult to orgasm from penetration, so that’s never an issue. I’ve heard others with that problem recommend either using a condom or two to desensitize him, or using any over-the-counter oral anesthetic gel on the dick, avoiding the urethra. Obviously you’ll want to make sure it’s all absorbed or wiped off before penetration.

  4. Kara Says:

    Wow over a year!
    My husband suffers from Blue balls badly after a week in chastity.
    (I normally keep him locked up for 2 weeks average, you can read about it here: )

    But a year… I need to up my game.

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